Builder not paying bills also learn about debt recovery NSW

debt recovery nsw

Here are somethings you can do if the builder keeps delaying your payments:

After you have completed your work on site and then send in your invoice to your builder, most builders pay after 2 or 3 weeks , some after 4 weeks. These time frames are normal, but if it has been two months that the builder has not paid your invoice, well that just to long.At this point you should start to be suspicious. Start to harass the builder. If he keeps saying he will pay but does not start making moves and get to Know Your Rights. listed below are the first steps that you can start on. You can send him a Letter of demand , showing them you Know Your Rights

Letter of demand example that yo can download now : Letter of demand

You can take out a Caveat on a property or job you were working on A caveat is court order document that prevents the builder from selling the property until you have been paid. More info on how to and where to go >> Click here <<

You can make an anonymous phone call to SICorp NSW.

SiCorp is run by the NSW government who is the regulatory department of home warranties insurance. This agency has the power to restrict the builder from growing too large if it’s not able to pay it’s bills at the company’s current size.

>> Click here << 

A other place to go is the Department of Fair Trading. They will help you know your rights in this industry Resolving building disputes Also you can do a free licence check before you start any work Free builder licence check Check builder ABN or any subcontractor to see if they are registered for GST. ABN Lookup What to do if you have not been paid

Security of payment


No one out there is going to Know Your Rights for you. that’s what you have to do. We are here to help



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debt recovery nsw

debt recovery nswdebt recovery nsw


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  • debt recovery nsw
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